conceptual art with latex paint, sculpture
392 Square Feet
one gallon of latex paint
12 x 1/4 x 12"

392 square feet began with curiosity over a gallon of latex paint. The label claimed to provide coverage for four hundred square feet of surface area. I wanted to test this claim, while also investigating the nature of the material itself. Once a room is painted, the transformed walls soon assume secondary status to the objects and activities within the room; thus, the objecthood of the paint shifts to function as surface instead. 392 square feet reclaims the latex paint as an object. To create this work, I began by masking off one square foot of drywall building material. Over a period of a couple of months, I painted that square foot, one thin layer at a time, until I had used the entire gallon of paint. After trimming off the overflow and breaking off the drywall, I was able to take hold of three-hundred-and-ninety-two layers of solid paint. This new object holds a quiet dignity, offering a concentrated view of an otherwise dispersed substance.