conceptual art with colored pencils, sculpture
altered colored pencils and vials
96 x 12 x 3 1/2"

Beginning with a complete fifty-pack of colored pencils, I realized these objects were inherently and simultaneously the same and different: they are created uniform—same length, shape, and style; yet, each has a distinct color and therefore, character. I also considered that the pencils are used by children predominantly but familiar to pretty much everyone, expressing creativity being their primary purpose. By carving out the center of each one, I have removed the core and diminished its usefulness. Though I approached the carving identically, the varying coarseness of the wood, dulling instruments, and my own human error created an innumerable variety of grooves. Fairly delicate in their unhandled form, I have greatly increased their fragility. Vulnerability is then epitomized by displaying the group suspended away from the protective wooden panel. These hollowed pencils seem to mirror a condition identified by the title. When drained of life and energy, we feel hollow. We become increasingly vulnerable to the elements around us, on the edge of disaster. The vials displayed below each pencil retain the removed particles, perhaps memorializing the loss or simply revealing the displacement.

In the permanent collection of Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah