conceptual art with pencil, sculpture
altered pencils on panel
77 x 11 x 1 1/2"

Standard number two pencils are inherently and simultaneously the same and different. Their individual character does not come from the color within, but from the exterior decoration, a plethora of colors and patterns. From solid to busy patterns and pastel to bold colors, pencils are adorned to appeal to a variety of tastes. With this innumerable assortment I ultimately selected a sample group of twenty-five. They seem so different from each other, but by removing the colorful outer layer as well as the wooden protection, I have exposed their uniformity and uncovered their frailty. I believe this parallels us, individuals who seem so dissimilar and disconnected but are actually very much alike. By looking beyond what we see, we find unity and reveal fragility. The erasers and metal bindings offer the only indication that each pencil was in fact distinct. This acknowledges our desire to maintain individuality even as we slough our defenses.

In the permanent collection of Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong